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Chinese Investments in Myanmar - The Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline project could become a chess piece

In Zukunft werden sich das China Programm und die Burma Initiative bemühen, den chinesischen und burmesischen Stimmen der Zivilgesellschaft zur Situation der chinesisch-burmesischen Beziehungen mehr Ausdruck zu verleihen.

Der Artikel des Journalisten Ying Hongwei ist in sofern bemerkenswert, als dass er die offizielle chinesische Rechtfertigung für die Öl- und Gaspipelines in Myanmar kritisch hinterfragt.

The new Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines are crucial for the Chinese energy security. It is seen as an alternative to the Strait of Malacca. Nevertheless, Ying Hongwei does not see the real advantage of this expensive infrastructure project. He thinks this is an excuse for massive investments in Myanmar. He asks: Are the pipelines, going through an area of military conflicts more secure than the ships? Is the project socially liable? And who profits most from the project? If it is not properly handled, this pipeline may become a chess piece for Myanmar to contain China’s development.


Ying Hongwei

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