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Operation and Accountability of the CSOs in China

College of Humanities and Development, China Agricultural University, Action Aid China Office, July 2006

From the introduction:

'Since mid 1990s, Chinese CSOs [Civil Society Organisations] hailed in a fast growing period. CSOs transformed from government organs, established with government support, or spontaneously founded by non-governmental forces as well as many international CSOs appeared in China during this period. Owing to their short history and inherent institutional defect and China’s fast changing and transforming social and economic patterns, Chinese CSOs faced significant internal and external challenges.

The internal challenges include the establishment of organization, the standardization of systems, financing, project implementation and evaluation and so on. The external challenges include legal, policy and institutional environment. In terms of the long-term sustainable development of CSOs, an urgent issue embattling Chinese CSOs is how to improve their social accountability except the grave external challenges in political, legal, economic and social environment. This study will proceed from descriptions on the current status and function of Chinese CSOs and then give systematic analysis on the current status of Chinese CSOs’ accountability, the internal and external factors restricting accountability and the methods to enhance accountability.'
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Li Xiaoyun / He Jun / Liu Xiaoqian