What is the AEPF?

The AEPF emerged in the mid 1990s from a common desire and need to create a space for dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. Linking social movements, grassroots activists, researchers and civil society organisations from Asia and Europe, the AEPF is a network for those concerned about the challenges neo-liberal globalisation and unequal global power relations pose to millions of people. The bi-annual Asia Europe People’s Forums take place parallel to the Asian and European countries summits (ASEM). They are a unique space for inter-regional cooperation, providing a valuable and strategic opportunity for social movements, organisations and networks working for justice and equality.

What are the structures of the AEPF?

An International Organising Committee (IOC) coordinates overall activities around the AEPF. IOC members are drawn from civil society organisations and social movements that have helped organise the past AEPFs. Additionally there are two Focal Points for the AEPF, the European one is the Stiftung Asienhaus (Cologne, Germany), the Asian one is Indonesia for Global Justice (Jakarta, Indonesia). The IOC jointly with a National Organising Committee (NOC), which is composed of people’s organisations in the host country, organises the biannual Forum, in cooperation with interested organisations in Asia and Europe.

How does the AEPF work?

The AEPF is working in two types of circles: geographical circles at national and regional level and thematic circles for areas of work and activities of the AEPF. Priority issues in past AEPFs have been participatory democracy and human rights, peace and security, social and economic rights, environmental justice and sustainability, food sovereignty and sustainable resource management. Thematic circles are not closed, but are dependent on people’s interest and activities.

How can I get involved?

The AEPF is open to anyone who identifies with its Charter of Principles and who shares the visions of a peaceful, just and sustainable world. You can get involved via thematic circles, geographical circles or by joining the next AEPF preparation process (see: aepf.info/contact-us).

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