Documentary about the 11th AEPF

The National Organising Committee for AEPF11 commissioned a documentary video, which is available now. Produced by a journalist at Marshal Creative Studio, it captures the spirit, the themes, the people and the voices of AEPF11. It is available in mongolian language with english subtitles.

Link to the documentary

Report of the 11th AEPF by Dong Huy Coung, member of the AEPF International Organising Committee

This detailed report by Acting Secretary General of the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation, Dong Huy Coung gives an in-depth insight into the presentations and debates held at the AEPF 11. Further the report elaborates on workshops and open spaces that took place in Ulan Bator and concludes with the succesfull outcomes of AEPF 11.

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Rückblick auf das 11. Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF)

Die Stiftung Asienhaus beteiligte sich, als europäischer Focal Point, bei der Organisation des 11. Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF). Das AEPF fand vom 4. bis 6. Juli im Staatspalast Ulaanbaatars statt. Wir blicken zurück auf ein erfolgreiches Forum, das von reichhaltigen Debatten und neuen Ideen profitieren konnte. Im Rahmen des AEPF 2016 wurde ein breites Themenspektrum behandelt. Es umfasste unter anderem Ressourcennutzung, Ernährungssicherung, Handel und Investitionen, Klimawandel und erneuerbare Energien, militärische Konflikte, soziale Sicherheit, sowie demokratische Teilhabe.  Die Diskussionen in den zahlreichen Veranstaltungen flossen in der gemeinsamen Abschlusserklärung und einem Aktionsprogramm zusammen, die dann beim ASEM-Treffen hochrangiger Regierungsvertretern am 15. Juli übergeben wurden.



Report of the 11th AEPF by Prof. Anuradha Chenoy, rapporteur AEPF11

Activists, social movements, engaged academics and others that comprise leading sections of civil society, gathered for the 11th time, to bring together and review ideas on inclusive just and equal alternatives in Asia and Europe. The aim of this unique forum, held in Ulan Bator this time, was to enable a dialogue that allows for comparative assessments of key issues within and between the continents. Being the 11th meeting, the previous AEPF meetings were reflected to review previous work, ideas and practices and to assess if AEPF had fulfilled the mandate it was set up for. 

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The AEPF at 20: An Assessment of ASEM and the Role of Civil Society

Presentation held by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick from the Department of the International Political Economy of East Asia, Faculty of East Asian Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum at the AEPF11.

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