Summary Report of the 8th Asia Europe People's Forum

From 4-5th October 2010, heads of state and governments from across Asia and Europe met in Brussels for the eighth Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM8) to discuss their future priorities and plans. From 2-5th October around 600 civil society, NGO and people’s organisations representatives, activists and parliamentarians from across Asia and Europe, met in Brussels for the 8th Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF).

The de-privatisation and reclaiming of the commons in many different ways – nature, knowledge, information, political participation - is critical. If this stays in the hands of individuals, corporations or as financial commodities - then they fall outside the realm of democratic control and participation. This is an approach that can help us to link together the struggles in the North and South.

Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South


Corona in Asien: Zivilgesellschaftliche Länderperspektiven

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Unser gemeinsames Online-Magazin mit Artikeln über "#SOAToo.Sexualisierte Gewalt und feministische Gegenwehr in Südostasien".

Themen der Zivilgesellschaft in Asien

Das TZA-Portal ist ein Online-Nachschlagewerk zu Themen der Zivilgesellschaft in Asien des philippinenbüros und der Stiftung Asienhaus

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Broschüre: Asia First! Autoritarismen und das Ringen um Demokratie von Stiftung Asienhaus & philippinenbüro e.V. (Hg.), Köln 2019

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von Uwe Hoering

Was für ein Entwicklungsmodell sind Chinas Neue Seidenstraßen?