AEPF Governance

The 'AEPF Governance and Structures' document provides the framework how we strengthen the AEPF and enable greater clarity and transparency in decision making. The 'Charter' of the Asia Europe People’s Forum provides our reference point and the fundamental basis for how we work and what we aim to do.

If you'd like to read the abriged governance document of the AEPF, please click here.

Thematic Conference on Climate Justice, Sustainable Energy and Zero Waste

The Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) facilitated a two-day conference on 7-8 October 2015 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where the next ASEM Summit will be held. The conference was organised under the auspices of the AEPF’s Thematic Dialogue on Climate Justice, Sustainable Energy, and Zero Waste, under the provisions of the generic Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Dialogue Facility.  

Please find attached a report on the proceedings of that conference, in preparation for AEPF11.


15 years of AEPF

On the occasion of the 15. anniversary of the AEPF Anuradha Chenoy and Andy Rutherford released a review and reflection with recommendations for strengthening for the future. In it, they reflect on the AEPF's history and draw conclusions for future developments.

Document available here.

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Lexikon zu Themen der Zivilgesellschaft in Asien

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