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China Programme

About us

The China Programme regards itself as an innovation and knowledge platform for civil society dialogue with China. It is active in education, outreach and networking, as well as the implementation of dialogue programmes.

The aim of our work is to provide in-depth knowledge about China, its civil society and its changing role in the world. This is done in the context of an on-the-ground dialogue in China, cooperative knowledge creation together with Chinese civil society actors, a European China policy and a multilateral global climate policy.

The China Programme is linked to the foundation's guiding principle of "humanly just, socially just, environmentally just". It is committed to strengthening social and political participation and to protecting the environment. Its projects are intended to lead to the realisation of social, ecological and human rights standards in German/European-Chinese relations through politics and business.

Articles in English

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The China Programme kicked off its digital discussion series on civil society perspectives on key terms around the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on…


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9th Asientag: Monologue or dialogue

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Blickwechsel: China, the Belt & Road Initiative and waste management

Die chinesische Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) muss das Thema der globalen Müllentsorgung aufgreifen, so argumentierten Andreea Leonte und He Linghui…


China. Pro. Contra. Somewhere in between.

The China discourse has long been controversial, not just since the outbreak of COVID-19. However, with the deterioration of the US-China as well as…


Blickwechsel: Win-win or Win-lose? China-Kazakhstan Energy Cooperation

In his article, Komila Nabiyeva reviews the energy cooperation between China and Kazakhstan within the Belt and Road Initiative and its implications.…