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6. March 2020: „NRC fears loom: Human rights lawyer from Assam, 'It attacks, particularly, the most vulnerable of citizens: women, religious minorities and children'", in: The Telegraph, Author Rokibuz Zaman, 6. March 2020
A human rights lawyer from Assam, Aman Wadud, has said the threat of a nationwide National Register of Citizens, after the “discriminatory” CAA, has instilled fear in the minds of Muslims that they will be “targeted” over their citizenship status because of their religion. Wadud was speaking at the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) hearing on Citizenship Laws and Religious Freedom in Washington DC on Wednesday. The hearing was about how citizenship laws are leveraged to “deny religious minorities” the legal protection of citizenship, making them vulnerable to “exploitation, discrimination and mass atrocities”. Wadud said of the 200 million Muslims in India, many are impoverished and spend a great deal of money to acquire their citizenship documents. He said the NRC and CAA were not in the interest of India and the procedures followed were “arbitrary” and “unfair”. “It attacks, particularly, the most vulnerable of citizens: women, religious minorities and children,” he said....More than 1,000 people have been languishing in six detention centres in the state, where immigration has dominated politics since hundreds of thousands of refugees poured into Assam during Bangladesh's liberation war in 1971...“

3. March 2020: „'Gov't killed my husband': Why are detainees dying in Assam? Families of three men who died in detention centres under mysterious circumstances accuse authorities of cover up", in: Ajazeera, Author Vidya Krishnan. 3. March 2020
"Goalpara, India - In October last year, day-wage labourer Duryadhan Das was out looking for work in Sitamari village when his phone rang. He was instructed to come to Guwahati Medical College in the capital of India's northeastern state of Assam, where his father, 70-year-old Falu Das, had been admitted due to a "deteriorating health condition". Five days after the call, on October 24, 2019, Falu would go on to become the 28th inmate of Goalpara detention centre to die under unexplained circumstances....“

2. March 2020: „Three Anti-CAA Protesters Killed after Police Fired in Air But Missed Aim: Assam Govt", in: 'NEWS18', 2.March 2020.
"Guwahati: The Assam government on Monday informed the state Assembly that three anti-CAA agitators died in December last year after policemen fired in the air to control the situation but missed the aim. Two others were killed in attacks by miscreants during the agitation, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary said. A total of 573 people have been arrested across Assam for their involvement in the anti-CAA movement, he said...“,


17. Dec. 2020: „Citizenship Amendment Bill: Why Assam is protesting? ET explains why it has rekindled the anti-foreigner sentiment of the 1980s. Protesters say CAB will make NRC redundant and bestow citizenship on illegal immigrants", in: Economic Times, 17. Dec. 2019, Author: Bikash Singh
"Why is there a bitter protest in Assam? Except in Bengali speakers’ dominated Barak valley, people in other parts fear CAB will lead to lakhs of Hindus from Bangladesh swamping indigenous communities, burdening resources and threatening their language, culture and tradition. CAB has a 2014 cut-off date but protesters say Assam bore the brunt of immigrants from 1951 to 1971, while other states did not, and it is unfair to impose more on the state. Protesters say they do not trust the Centre and CAB will undo the Assam Accord...“, under














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