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Strengthening Solidarity for Justice and Peace



People’s Committee for 20 Years Anniversary of Popular Consultation
National Secretariat
La’o Hamutuk
Timor-Leste Institute for Development Monitoring and Analysis
Rua Dom Alberto Ricardo, Bebora, Dili, Timor-Leste
Tel: +670-3321040 or +670-77234330 (mobile) email: laohamutuk(at)gmail.com, Website: www.laohamutuk.org

Dili, 26 July 2019

Terms of Reference

Twenty years ago, with your help, the people of Timor-Leste voted overwhelmingly to achieve our independence. We are now a proud, democratic, sovereign nation, wrestling with the political, economic, social and environmental problems that confront people the world over. But we have power to find and implement our own solutions.
In 2009, La’o Hamutuk and other civil society organizations organized an international conference, exhibition and other events to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our independence referendum. This year, on August 30, will mark 20 years since our liberation.

Therefore, we would like to invite you, as a participant in the international solidarity network, to join us in Timor-Leste for a three-day conference on 28-30 of August this year.

Strengthening Solidarity for Justice and PeaceThe main theme for the 20th anniversary is “Strengthen solidarity for self-determination and social justice.”

Watch the agenda

We are looking to re-energizing the spirit of solidarity, exchanging strategies with fellow activists on challenging governments who repress their people, strengthening networks to fight against impunity, and reinforcing global advocacy to ensure that governments respect and meet the basic human rights of all people, especially the most vulnerable. In addition, we will highlight self- determination for the people of West Papua and Western Sahara, Palestine, Police Brutality. We also want to discuss and share experiences on mining and the oil industry, so that Timor-Leste can avoid repeating the mistakes of other countries as our leaders carelessly rush to deepen our extractive dependency while neglecting sustainable development.

We are attaching a tentative program. As the time gets closer, we will provide a more specific agenda – please share your thoughts with us about activities and issues you would like us to include.

Although we don’t have funding for international travel, the organizing committee in Timor-Leste is happy to help arrange places to stay with local Timorese and international activists who are living in Dili. Please start to plan your travel soon, and let us know when you are coming and whether you would like to organize housing.


  • To learn from each participating organization regarding good practices and experiences regarding change in policies to achieve a human rights for the vulnerable ones.
  • To organize and enforced solidarity network national and international
  • to strengthen the service link in order to create human rights network without border.
  • To plant the seed of solidarity and voluntarism to the young ones to continue to promote Human Rights

Organizing Committee

  • NGO-La’o Hamutuk- Timor-Leste Institute for Development Monitoring and Analysis
    FONGTIL- NGO Forum Timor-Leste.
    NGO-JSMP – Judicial System Monitoring Program.
    NGO-HAK Association.
    FOKUPERS - Forum Komunikasi Perempuan Timor-Leste (Forum Communicating for Women of Timor-Leste).
    NGO-KSI - Kdadalak Sulimutuk Institute.
    NGO-ACbit - Asosiasaun Chega Ba Ita. (Women survivors NGO).
    Grupu Feminista – Feminist Movement Timor-Leste
    Movimentu Letras – Local library movement.
    Movimentu Universitariu

Programs and Activities

Watch the agenda of the three days human rights festival

The agenda for the programs and activities including national and international solidarity guest speaker which will invite to participate in the three days human rights festival.


Description of Activities



Day 1

Wednesday, 27 August

  • TOUR for former and new international solidarity activists to the historical landmarks in

  1. Dili: CNC, Museum Resistencia, Marabia, Carascalao residence and Santa Cruz Cemetery.


09:00 -12:30

Meet in HAK at
8.30 to be set for transportation.

  • Lunch will be prepared by the ACbit team


12:30 – 13: 15

Han iha dalan

2. Liquica: Visit to Veteran Kasian’s school and Local Clinic which runs by mana Lu.

13: 20 – 17:30


Day 2, 28. August 2019

Main event 1

Opening ceremony

  • Dr. Jose Ramos Horta dere babadok ba abertura

  • MC- Berta Antonieta

  • Moderador  Mica Barreto

1. Mana Lu, Church mission in social transformation (15 mins)
2. John Miller ETAN –(15 mins)
3. Papang Hidayat Amnesty International – (15 mins)
4. Pedro Pinto Leite - International Platform of Jurists for East Timor (IPJET) – (15 mins)
Maximum 15 mins extra for
questions and answers.

Main Event 2

Economic, Social and Cultural Justice

Consequences of mining and extractive industries development

    Moderator: Edio Guterres
    1. Bang Samoro - Miclas APSET from the Philippine (15 mins)
    2. Access to the basic service water and sanitation (HAK)
    3. Food sovereignty and agriculture reform (PERMATIL+ KSI (15 mins)
    15mins for questions and answers


    Site Events ( after lunch)

    Impunity and Forced disappearances

    Moderator: Ana Paula, JSMP

    1. Monika Schlicher - Asia House Foundation (Stiftung Asienhaus, Germany)

    2. Sisto Lannara (HAK - Association)

    3. Manuela Leong - (ACbit)

    Site event

    Migrant workers and domestic workers

    1. Moderator: Fernando da Costa

      1. Elizabet Araujo, Apheda Timor- Leste
      2. Bree Ahreen, La’o Hamutuk
      3. Almerio Vila Nova SJTTL.
      4. SEPFOPESEPFOPE - Sekretariadu Public Relations

    Site Event

    Economic, Social and Cultural Justice (Juvinal)

    Consequences of mining and extractive industries development

    1. WALHI, Indonesia - Lucio Oxam will be contact

    2. FONGTIL + CGT (Social Audit in Timor-Leste)- Confirm

    3. Sunrise and Tasi Mane project, La’o Hamutuk - Febe Gomes

    Site event 

    Solidarity and Self-determination focusing on vulnerable groups (West Papua, Palestine, Timor-Leste, LGBTQ, Feminist Movement, Western Sahara, Rohingya and Bangsa Moro)

    Moderator: Celestino Gusmão
    1. Patrick Earl– Diplomacy Training Programs
    2. Bella Galhos
    3. Nugroho Kadjasungkana (FORTILOS)
    4. Zelda, Independent Activists Indigenous and Extractive industries.

    9:00 – 9.15

    9.15 – 10.15

    10: 30 – 11.30

    2pm -5pm

    Yayasan HAK




    Jardim Borja, Fokupers, Luta Hamutuk, and HAK

    Day 3

    March and Festival of art, music and food + music



    1. March in front of Embassies (USA, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, etc) – Posters logistics, spanduk, t-shirt and others

    2. Release joint statement

    1. Concert: Clamar, Iksan (Skuter), Sisir Tanah (Danto), from Indonesia and some others Musician from TL.rt, , Food and Art Festival



    6pm till end

    Borja da Paz

    Note: During the Conference we also organized popular expo in the conference site, so everyone can enjoy and buy local food which they prepared.

    A Luta Continua,

    Berta Antonieta

    Representing Organizing Committee

    Veranstaltungsort: Jardim Borja, , Dili

    Details & Anfahrt: Jardim Borja




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