Stiftung Asienhaus asks Chinese Civil Society: What is "High-Quality BRI"?

The term 'High-Quality Belt and Road Cooperation' or 'High-Quality Development of the BRI', chin. 高质量共建一带一路 or 一带一路高质量发展, plays a central role in Chinese government documents and plans for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative up to 2025. However, what does the term actually mean and what does it entail for civil society organsations in BRI host countries?

The meeting of the Advisory Council of the Belt and Road Forum in 2021 as well as recent government documents on Chinese overseas investments have shown that Chinese BRI stakeholders have encountered a variety of challenges when 'Going Out', chin. 走出去. Does the term 'High-Quality BRI' allow for a critical space do address these challenges or is it a label to foreclose reputational damage for Chinese BRI stakeholders?

During this 60 minute open discussion event the China Programme of Stifung Asienhaus invites Chinese civil society organisations to talk about their understanding of 'High-Quality BRI'. Huang Zhong, specialist in Business and Human Rights and Chinese Overseas Investment, and Yue Jinfei, Social Resources Institute (SRI), are going to decode the official Chinese terminology through a Chinese civil society perspective and explain how 'High-Quality BRI' is related to civil society work on the ground.

Furthermore, the China Programme of Stiftung Asienhaus would like to foster the exchange between Chinese and Southeast Asian civil society organisations on the environmental and social implications of BRI projects.

The event will be held in English.


Ort: Online Event


17.05.2022 | Online Event
17.09.2022 | Alte Feuerwache, Köln

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