Online event: Solidarity with Thailand’s quest for democracy!

An online discussion with six leading activists of the protest movement (in Thai, German, English) on Saturday, 26. September 2020, 11-13 (MEZ). See Thai translation below.

Solidarity with Thailand's Quest for Democracy

Thailand‘s youth is in revolt for freedom and democracy


  • Jutatip Sirikhan (Student activist)
  • Anon Nampa (Human Rights lawyer)
  • Thanathorn Witayabenchang (Vice Chairman of the group Wilar)
  • Thanawit Sepsuk (Student, Mahasarakham Democracy Front)
  • Phakjira Songsiriphat (Student, Free Youth)
  • Thanaporn Prompat (Student at Mahasarakham University Demonstration School)

Thailand‘s young generation is in revolt: Students, pupils and activists have been in the streets for months protesting against general Prayuth Chan-o-cha‘s regime.

They are loudly opposing the military‘s might and state sanctioned violence against dissidents. They demand a democratisation of Thai society. At the same time, they resolutely take to the streets against social inequality, economical plight and an authoritarian education system.

Some parts of the protest movement have started challenging a different taboo as well: They demand a lasting reform of the monarchy - in a country where transgression against the draconic ‘lèse majesté’ can carry a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison for each offence.

In this two-hour online session, six of the most renowned Thai activists will speak in Europe for the first time. They will talk about their demands, the growing movement and the political situation. What motivates them? What are their goals and challenges? What are the reactions of the state, wider society and their communities regarding the protest they initiated?


Saturday, 26. September 2020, 11.00-13.00 (MEZ)

An event by Stiftung Asienhaus in cooperation with Association of Thai Democrats Without Borders, Thailand Human Rights Campaign UK and the Department of South East Asian Studies at Bonn University. Interpreting by Soonyata Mianlamai und Tanakorn Tiwawong.
Supported by: Student body initiative of the Institute for Asian and African Studies at Humboldt University Berlin and the student representatives of Thai Studies Hamburg


Please register here using your full name and, if applicable, your organisation. The event is limited to 100 participants.

The event will also be livestreamed in Thai at facebook.com/asienhaus

Schlagworte: Menschenrechte, Demokratie, Thailand

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