Video: EU-China NGO Twinning (2017)

Stiftung Asienhaus (China-Programm)

The video displays the cooperation between European and Chinese NGO's enabled by the EU-China Twinning program. Participants share their experiences while cooperating organisations explain the value they see within the program.

Twinners Chen Zhen (left) and Peter Feldkamp (right). Screenshot: Stiftung Asienhaus

The EU-China NGO Twinning program is an exchange program for the staff of European and Chinese NGOs. It aims at establishing sustainable partnerships and cooperation between non-governmental or non-profit organizations and think tanks from both regions.

The video is in English with Chinese subtitles.

Materialform: audiovisuelle medien
Schlagworte: EU, EU-China Civil Society Dialogue, NGO, China

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