Broschüre: Agriculture in China; Essen, 2010

Uwe Hoering

This publication provides a systematic overview of the agricultural developments in China. It also focuses on those issues which are relevant to European civil societies, and hopes to contribute to the exchanges between the major players of both regions’ civil societies.

The agricultural crisis in China (or, better put, the crisis of the rural society) has been discussed, however not in any official capacity. It had not been until 2004 that the Chinese government declared the development of China’s rural regions to be of top priority in their policy-making.

During the past few years, an increasing number of urban civil society-initiatives have began discussing consumer and rural topics and have succeeded in creating their own programs, like “green food”, or those promoting sustainable agriculture. From a European perspective, the growing exportation of agricultural products into the EU as well as China’s involvement in agriculture in Africa are of particular importance.

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Sprache: english
Materialform: buch broschüre
Schlagworte: Landwirtschaft, Ländliche Entwicklung, Gesellschaft


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