Broschüre: EU-China NGO Twinning Program Storybook, 2020

Stiftung Asienhaus (China-Programm)

We look back at seven years of the EU-China NGO Twinning Program, seven years of intense people-to-people exchange between European and Chinese civil society organizations. The program opened up a unique dialogue space on a variety of topics related to two major global challenges: climate change and low carbon development, and social and environmental justice.

EU-China NGO Twinning Program Storybook

As the world struggles to cope with the Corona pandemic in 2020, nationalist responses and polarized discourses regain strength. Both obstruct our view on opportunities of mutual learning in order to fi nd just solutions to climate change, and social and environmental issues. Civil society organizations are being monitored more closely than ever before, both in their capacity as constructive door openers as well as critical commentators.

The EU-China NGO Twinning Program started with just one twinning pair in 2012/13. It grew to 12 pairs from all parts of Europe and China up to 2019/20. The Twinning Program, funded and supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung, merged in 2016 with a likeminded project organized by CANGO and CAN Europe, funded by Stiftung Mercator. It endured the restructuring of China’s international civil society cooperations by the 2017 regulations for overseas NGOs in China. Twinning participants were visible at conferences worldwide and participating organizations developed their capacities on a global governance level.

These 12 stories shall provide a glimpse at this wonderful program. Take your time, read, look, change your perspective (by actually fl ipping the book in your hands) and enter the twinning experience!

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