Chinese Civil Society on Climate Change: Consensus and Strategies , 2009

Chinese Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change

In recent years, the challenges posed by climate change to China and the whole world have raised attention within Chinese civil society. A few domestic NGOs and national offices of international NGOs have carried out various projects to help combat climate change. However, to date Chinese civil society has not yet developed a comprehensive understanding or knowledge of the international background to this emerging threat, nor has it formed any kind of systematic response or action strategy to address climate change.

Fabrik in Jilin - andreas felske via unsplash

In view of this, eight NGOs including the Friends of Nature, Oxfam Hong Kong, Greenpeace, Action aid China (AAC), Global Village Beijing, World Wide Fund for Nature China (WWF), Green Earth Volunteers and the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs came together to initiate the project “Chinese Civil Society’s Response to Climate Change: Consensus and Strategies”. The aim of the project is to raise the level or awareness and concern about climate change among Chinese civil society, to seek common positions and strategies based on Chinese realities, and to call for common actions to combat climate change. The program started in 2007. 


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