Emergency Law, Patent Law, Social Law: Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Sino-German Rule of Law Dialogue Initiative, 2009

Katja Levy

In November it will be 10 years ago, that the rule of law dialogue was initiated in Sino-German talks in 1999. The single issues mentioned in the title of this paper show that the dialogue has already addressed some ambivalent problems since it came into being.

Tingey Ingury Law Firm via unsplash

The Rule of Law Dialogue has been under constant criticism. Human rights organizations and the Germanpress found fault with it especially in the beginning years. They mainly criticized that its focus lay on law of economics and administrative law, but not on human rights or democracy related issues. To see if this criticism was justified, a look into the program should help


Sprache: english
Materialform: artikel
Schlagworte: Kinderrechte, Außenpolitik

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