German Trade Unions and China: From Non-Interference to Cooperation?, 2009

Anne Sander

This article provides an overview of the changing perspective of trade unions towards China. It also outlines the discourse on China within German trade unions and their trade union and political strategies towards China.

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The author will argue that it is: First not possible to identify a one-fits-all union approach of German unions towards China and that there is some discrepancy between the goals outlined by the union management and the strategies which are then decided on and employed for cooperation. Second, it is in regarding German trade union engagement with China also crucial to consider its interconnection with the ongoing changes and reform processes within China itself whose impact on cooperation should not be underestimated. 


Sprache: english
Materialform: studie
Schlagworte: Film
Stichworte: Gewerkschaften, ACFTU, DGB, IG Metall

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