Sammelband: Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia, 2013

Nora Sausmikat

Environmental protection had already been an issue for the Chinese government during the 1970s, but it was not until 2008 that China managed to establish its own ministry of environmental protection (mep) by upgrading the former state environmental protection administration (sepa). non-governmental forces for environmental protection had developed over the last 20 years from single-issue groups into a diversified and cross-disciplinary movement. infrastructure projects had been the engines of both the state’s and the ngos’ environmental activities—although with very different motives.

During the last 20 years, the protagonists like the topics, the strategies as well as the function of environmental groups (or "ENGOs") had undergone vast changes. Internationalisation and professionalization had also played their parts in influencing the working style of those involved with NGOs.

While many articles focused on the specific relationship of the NGOs with governmental agencies, in her contribution "Chinese Environmental Movements: Civil Society Discourses on Climate Change and Environmental Protection" to this edited volume Nora Sausmikat reconstructs the discourses and strategies of environmentalists during the last 20 years.


Sprache: english
Materialform: artikel
Schlagworte: Interview, Konsumwelten, Klimawandel, EU-China CSDialogue


17.09.2022 | Alte Feuerwache, Köln

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