Musikvideo: Weltweit vernetzt by Dickid and Berlin Massiv (2017)

CHEE Productions, Berlin Massive

During the EU-China NGO Twinning Program two urban youth organizations created this amazing multi-lingual artist collaboration. Showing that music does not accept boarders. The song features Dickid (Shenzhen, China) and Berlin Massiv (Germany).

Screenshot: Stiftung Asienhaus

CHEE Productions and Berlin Massive exchanged ideas on urban youth cultures in their respective home countries. They aimed at getting to know the structures and opportunities of working in the field of cultural youth education, culture and intercultural work. Both partners focussed on social and cultural initiatives with a grassroots character and try to use this opportunity for the establishment of long-term partnerships.

The EU-China NGO Twinning program is an exchange program for the staff of European and Chinese NGOs. It aims at establishing sustainable partnerships and cooperation between non-governmental or non-profit organizations and think tanks from both regions.

The video includes English and Chinese subtitles.

Written by: Y-Man, Ono, Fat B, Vyan

Featuring: B-Dog

Produced by: Vyan

Scratch: DJ Edi

Materialform: audiovisuelle medien
Schlagworte: Musik, Kultur, EU, EU-China Civil Society Dialogue, NGO, China


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