Blickwechsel: The new China-led investment bank AIIB and its geo-strategical meaning, 2016

Korinna Horta (Urgewald e.V.), Wawa Wang (CEE Bankwatch) und Nora Sausmikat (Stiftung Asienhaus)

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), first proposed by China in October 2013, opened for business in January 2016. The AIIB is not only a bank it is also part of the new "assertive" foreign policy line.

After the going out strategy starting in 2000 China emerged as a global player building alliances, signing bilateral cooperation treaties and FTAs especially with the Asian neighbor states. With the assumption of office of the Xi Jinping administration in 2013 this well-prepared popular dream of renewed nation greatness was translated into policy. The authors discuss its genesis, geostrategic implications and the German role for environmental and social standards.


Sprache: english
Schlagworte: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Dokumentarfilm

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