Call for Papers südostasien 4/2017: The Politics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia, 2017

Rising sea levels and changing weather patterns are already having disastrous impacts on people in Southeast Asia. If carbon emissions keep on rising, future sea levels will threaten the existence of some of the largest cities in the region.

Southeast Asia is no exception when it comes to bombastic rhetoric on the need for action, with governments proclaiming ambitions goals for emissions reduction - but the gap between rhetoric and real change is substantial. Any ambitious plans for emissions reduction would need a thorough transformation of key sectors, including energy production, transportation, industrial production, agriculture and forestry. Evidence so far suggests that Southeast Asian states have not commenced this transformation but continue with business as usual albeit with some green trimmings.

This edition of the journal Südostasien aims to relate a comparative analysis of climate politics in Southeast Asia to key processes at the global scale. How are the national negotiating positions of Southeast Asian countries connected to the balance of social and political forces in the countries themselves? How are corporations in key sectors involved in webs of political power? How do global industries (mining, agribusiness, automotive etc.) shape national climate policies and prevent radical change? What forces work towards a social-ecological transformation of society? What strategies are being developed by movements for climate justice?

Articles should be 1 page (up to 4,500 characters including spaces), 2 pages (up to 9000 characters including spaces) or 3 pages (up to 13,500 characters including spaces) and if possible should include high-quality photographs. Authors from Southeast Asia are most welcome. We can translate from Southeast Asian languages or English.

Please submit articles by 21.10.2017.

Contact: oliver.pye[at]