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About us

Stiftung Asienhaus follows the guiding principle "Connecting people, promoting insights, shaping the future" and contributes to building bridges between civil societies in Asia and Europe. Since its foundation in 1992, the organisation is committed to the implementation of human rights, the strengthening of social and political participation, as well as the protection of social justice and the environment.

We are faced with globalisation enhancing the gap between rich and poor and threatening people‘s livelihoods in many ways. The unjust structures of the current world order can only be changed if we work together with civil society organisations to rethink politics, business and consumer habits - in Europe, Asia and worldwide. In this, we need to centre marginalised social groups and consider the challenges they face.

Objectives and Goals

To strengthen civil society perspectives, we support building and improving networks nationally, regionally and globally to connect civil societies and give them a platform.
This work focusses on the developments in Asian countries and the situation of their peoples, as well as a critical reflection of EU-Asian relations.

To achieve this

  • we write analysies and start discussions, as well as an exchange of experiences,
  • we inform through seminars, publications, film events and exhibitions,
  • we conduct exchange programmes with NGOs from Asian countries,
  • we support action to mobilise people and implement lobbying activities.

At the heart of this lies our shared goal of making the world more just.

Our Mission Statement - Human-centred, social justice, environmental justice

1. We shape the future by collaborating with others to strengthen social inclusion, human rights, social justice, and environmental protection.

2. We connect people by developing cooperation between non-governmental organisations and social movements in Europe and Asia and by encouraging dialogue between civil society, academia, politics, and economy. We are committed to social movements and disadvantaged social groups

3. We promote insights into life in Asia, the political and social realities of its people, and the state of human rights and the environment. We foster knowledge of the political, economic, and cultural relations between Europe and Asia. We create awareness of how things are interconnected: globally –regionally –locally.

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