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Facts First! Training on Dismantling Disinformation (part 1)



Online Event

Über den Termin

You wanna know how disinformation in the Philippines works and why people fall for it? You wanna engage to counter historical distortion? Then join us in this two-hours Online Training on June 25 and July 2. A combination of input, discussion and tools provided by Dakila will equip you to engage constructively within and outside your community.

According to the Philippine Media Monitoring Laboratory of the University of the Philippines, digital messages of fake news or disinformation spread fast on channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok. The amount of made-up stories is more porous than you think. This workshop gives information on how disinformation works, how critical thinking can be fostered, how to fact check, how to communicate online and how to align yourself generally in the online sphere.

The Workshop is divided into two parts: On June 25, Dakila will conduct the first workshop part. The workshop will deal with the digital landscape, give an overview on the disinformation situation and share ideas on how critical power can be reclaimed in the digital sphere. Tools and voluntary assignments will follow. On July 2, the second Workshop will conclude with inputs, discussions and planning for the ways forward in regards to the following topics:

  • Fighting historical distortion & disinformation
  • Education: critical thinking & values
  • Demanding accountability
  • Building power: engaging & organizing

Sign up and join us through Google forms or by email factsfirstph@protonmail.com