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Not without civil society - Cooperation India-Germany on Energies in Transformation



Online Event

Über den Termin

Energy and energies in transformation (i.e. renewable) play an important role in the German-Indian relationship. Both, the German and Indian governments, have agreed a “strategic partnership” in the field of energy transformation and climate change.

In Germany, the history of energies in transformation is inextricably linked with a politically active civil society. In India, however, civil society organizations are often excluded from the decision-making-process. How does that fit into the partnership? Is civil society participation in India even an aspect for the German side? The one day conference will explore opportunities for civil society involvement within the bilateral cooperation.

We are happy to welcome State Secretary Jennifer Morgan at the beginning of the conference. She will share the perspective of the German Foreign Ministry with us.

You are invited to discuss with representatives from civil society organizations from India and further guests from Germany.

The conference is online and held in English language.

You´re invited to join.