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Green China 2007-2008

Ecological Rural Development. An Information Bridge China-Europa, Biosani, 204 p.

Green China emerges as a biennial book associated with a permanently updated website - www.greenchina.eu - with the purpose of being able to contribute to a mutual understanding between the Chinese and the Westerners, namely the Europeans, regarding two decisive subjects: the role of the countryside in this new China, and how the country will be able to influence the world in a positive way, both seen under a constructive ecological perspective. The main attention will be on rural development, considering the huge importance of the countryside: around 57 % of the Chinese citizens live there. This dramatic influence of rural life instead of being a barrier for the country`s development is a great opportunity for its sustainable future, if rural development is to be well planned and implemented, with a widely informed ecological vision. Green China selects the good efforts in the country to achieve such a development with the contribution of writers from China and Europe. It also includes an extensive photographic report of a beautiful rural region. In this issue it is ab

out Yangshuo: the legendary door to China`s countryside. <br>


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Internet version (excerpts)


Frescata, Carlos (ed.)