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About us

The philippinenbüro e.V. grew 1987 from the solidarity work between German and Filipino civil society members under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos Sr.  (1972-1986). Today the organization counts about 170 members. Its office in Cologne City is part of the Asia House, co-founded by the philippinenbüro in 1995.

For 35 years the philippinenbüro advocates for social justice, human rights and solidarity in its educational work, public relations, and lobby work on the Philippines.

for social justice, human rights and solidarity

Together with civil society actors in the Philippines and from the Philippine Diaspora in Germany we aim at information and political activism that engages German and European politician and civil society.

We seek issue-focused cooperation with civil society actors, grass-root, non-governmental, and aid organizations in the Philippines, Germany, and Europe. We are a member in different networks.

Our key issues are human rights, climate justice and sustainability, diaspora, anti-racism and solidarity, politics, and society.

Articles in English

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