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About us

The philippinenbüro e.V. grew 1987 from the solidarity work between German and Filipino civil society members under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos Sr.  (1972-1986). Today the organization counts about 170 members. Its office in Cologne City is part of the Asia House, co-founded by the philippinenbüro in 1995.

For 35 years the philippinenbüro advocates for social justice, human rights and solidarity in its educational work, public relations, and lobby work on the Philippines.

for social justice, human rights and solidarity

Together with civil society actors in the Philippines and from the Philippine Diaspora in Germany we aim at information and political activism that engages German and European politician and civil society.

We seek issue-focused cooperation with civil society actors, grass-root, non-governmental, and aid organizations in the Philippines, Germany, and Europe. We are a member in different networks.

Our key issues are human rights, climate justice and sustainability, diaspora, anti-racism and solidarity, politics, and society.

Articles in English

AMP 2022 Report – Human Rights in the Philippines

In this year’s commemoration of the International Human Rights Day on December 10, the Aktionsbündnis Menschenrechte-Philippinen (AMP) publishes its…

Infrastruktur steht schon seit langem im Fokus der Entwicklungshilfe. © CC BY-NC-ND 2.0/Ferry Octavian

Call for Papers südostasien (1/23): Development – for whom?

What is the role of civil society in planning and implementing development projects? What empowering approaches to development exist? How are they put…

Foto: Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ, Flckr, CC BY 2.0

Philippines: 50-years after declaration of Martial Law

In commemoration of the declaration of Martial Law by dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. on September 21, 1972 the philippinenbüro remembers the victims…


Philippine elections: The capture of the ‘public sphere’

The results of the May 2022 Philippine elections sent shock waves across the world. Ferdinand Marcos Junior, son of the deposed dictator, and running…


Facts First! Training on Dismantling Disinformation

You wanna know how disinformation in the Philippines works and why people fall for it? You wanna engage to counter historical distortion? Then join us…


Prospects and Challenges in Digital Activism: A post-election discussion

After the election in May 2022 PhilNetz and the philippinenbüro offer a space to discuss how to move forward.