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Report on EU-China dialogue on 'Industrial Pollution & Environmental Health'

Guangzhou, 23-25 August 2011, 12 p.

This documentation gives an impression about the proceedings of the 2nd dialogue. It contains summaries of different conference presentations and further informations about the project.

1.) Optimizing EU-China collaboration
2.) Role of government, NGOs and citizens here and there
3.) Value of multi-stakeholder dialogues for better environmental governance
4.) Non-regulatory instruments in China or Europe - Civil society approaches
5.) Web Based Learning for Environment and Health e.g ‘Sustainable’ Food
6.) Using Scoop.it as an online reader for future
7.) Reports about the first two EU-China Civil Society Dialogues on Weibo

 Documentation Dialogue on 'Industrial Pollution & Environmental Health'

Click here for the full Conference Documentation (including presentations)


EU-China Civil Society Dialogue on Participatory Public Policy