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Blickwechsel Philippinen: A Popular Strongman Gains More Power

Former PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa and President Duterte

The Philippines concluded a high-stakes midterm elections in May 2019, that many consider a critical turning point in our nation’s history. While the Presidency was not on the line, and Rodrigo Duterte himself was not on the ballot, the polls were seen as a referendum on his presidency.

In midterm elections, voters have historically favored candidates backed by a popular incumbent and rejected those supported by unpopular ones. Although the results of the 2019 election continue this tradition, the complete shut out of the opposition in the Senate is a rare phenomenon in the Philippines. In his Blickwechsel, Joseph Purugganan analyses the dynamics behind the midterm elections and offers some explanations.


Joseph Purugganan is the Philippines Program Coordinator of Focus on the Global South.

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