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Online Discussion: End impunity, secure human rights in Indonesia!

Watch Indonesia!, International People's Tribunal '65 (IPT), Amnesty International (German Section) and Stiftung Asienhaus will held an online event on Human Rights Day. 55 years after Suharto's seizure of power we will discuss about continuing impunity and human rights in Indonesia.

The event "Indonesia 55 years after Suharto's seizure of power: Ending impunity, securing human rights! is held in English with translation into German language.

Date: Thursday, 10 December 2020. 14-16 h (CEST) / 19-21 h (WIB)

Indonesia 55 years after Suharto's seizure of power: End impunity, secure human rights!

2020 marks the anniversary of General Suharto establishing a military dictatorship which lasted until 1998. Extrajudicial killings, severe torture and the abduction of members of the opposition characterised the regime. Since its abolishment more than 20 years ago, the country has been struggling for democracy and the full realisation of the rule of law.  Despite initial hopeful signs of renewal, violent state or state-backed assaults, discrimination and restrictions on civil liberties are on the rise in the wake of expectations for economic growth.

Human Rights Violations in Indonesia

Past human rights violations have not yet been sufficiently processed, nor are current human rights violations adequately dealt with. Impunity largely determines the picture. What happens in a society in which impunity for human rights violations sends a signal to perpetrators to act legitimately and makes victims feel that their suffering is consistently ignored? What is the international context and which options do we have for action to advance human rights in Indonesia?

1965/66, Palm Oil Industry, Papua

Looking at international and regional opportunities for justice, we invite you to discuss these questions with our international guests. The event will cover a range of topics, from the (lack of) coming to terms with the massacre of 1965/66 to labour and human rights in the palm oil production and the current human rights situation in Papua.



•    Andreas Schüller, Attorney for International Criminal Law and Head of the Programme Area International Crimes and Legal Responsibility of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)


•    Elvira Rumkabu, Lecturer for International Relations at the University of Cenderawasih in Jayapura and member of the Dewan Adat Papua (Council for Papuan Customary Law)

•    Oliver Pye, Lecturer on Transformation Processes, the Palm Oil Industry and Workers' Movements at the University of Bonn. Oliver is also an active member in the working group on resources in Stiftung Asienhaus.

•    Yunantyo Adi Setyawan, Indonesian lawyer and activist who is working on coming to terms with the 1965/66 massacre.

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A joint event of Watch Indonesia!, International People's Tribunal '65 (IPT), Amnesty InternationalGerman Section and Stiftung Asienhaus

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