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Konflikte um Rohstoffe in Asien: Workers in the Palm Oil Industry - Exploitation, Resistance and Transnational Solidarity

In recent years, palm oil has become a highly politicised commodity in Germany. NGOs and civil society organisations have criticised the impact of its expansion on the remaining rainforests. This paper discusses a key issue of this agri-business: labour conditions and and the potential of workers to change the industry. By Oliver Pye, Ramlah Daud, Kartika Manurung and Saurlin Siagan

While palm oil generates huge profits for the companies, labourers are paid brutally low wages. This, indeed, contributes to palm oils competetiveness on the market. Despite repressive labour laws and precarious working conditions, workers are developing their own practices of everyday resistance. This paper is intended as a contribution to the transnational campaigns linking activists in Germany and Southeast Asia. It argues that campaigners should include workers in the campaigns and that an alliance between environmental and labour activists could become a powerful movement for change.

Diese Broschüre aus der Reihe "Koflikte um Rohstoffe in Asien" der Stiftung Asienhaus wird bald auch auf deutsch vorliegen.


Oliver Pye , Ramlah Daud, Kartika Manurung, Saurlin Siagan

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