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VertreterInnen des AEPF präsentieren erstmals ihre Forderungen auf dem ASEM-Gipfel

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Seit 1998 hat sich das Asia-Europe-People' Form für stärkere Transparenz des ASEM-Prozesses eingesetzt. Auf dem 10. ASEM-Gipfel wurde das AEPF erstmalig eingeladen, seine Schlußdeklaration den Staats- und Regierungschefs zu präsentieren.

The AEPF has been advocating for a more transparent and accountable ASEM process since 1998 and the development and adoption of our first People's Vision. For the first time the Asia Europe People's Forum was invited to formally present our Final Declaration to ASEM itself.

In a session on the 16th October 2014 the Asia Europe People's Forum, in a joint session with the Asia Europe Business Forum and the Asia Europe Parliamentary Forum presented our Final Declaration to Herman van Rompuy the President of the European Council, who was also Chair of ASEM10 and Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission and the ASEM Heads of State and Government.

The Asia Europe Forum made two addresses to ASEM10, by Luciana Castellina, the Honorary President of the Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana(ARCI) and Rex Varona of The Migrant Workers' Forum. The main points they based their presentations on are found below. They were accompanied by Tina Ebro of the AEPF IOC and the Institute of Popular Democracy, The Philippines and Andy Rutherford of the AEPF IOC and Fresh Eyes - People to People Travel, UK.

At the end of their addresses they formally presented the agreed Final Declaration of AEPF10 to Herman van Rompuy as Chair of ASEM10. They also formally presented a petition signed by many of the participants at AEPF10 on Sombath Somphone.

His petition reminded all ASEM member states of their human rights obligations, both domestically and internationally, demanded that the Lao Government complete their investigation into Sombath's disappearance, make public the investigation report, and take forward the legal process against the perpetrators of the crime. It also urged ASEM member states to monitor the fulfilment of these demands and ensure that Sombath and his family receive justice and that he is returned safely to them.

(See the document with the main points of the AEPF presentation below.)



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