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An Orchestra for Timor-Leste: Empowering young people

All roads lead to Dili. The young population of Timor-Leste sees their future predominantly in the Capital of the country. The Berliku Fanu Rai Art Collaboration Center offers alternative educational opportunities for children from rural areas. Through music, they want to develop new possibilities for children of farmers as well as to shape the agriculture in a sustainable way.

Berliku Fanu Rai (BFR) is an Art Collaboration Center that not only operates its own sound and video recording studio and organizes music festivals, but also seeks to improve education in the country actively. In particular, children from isolated rural areas or children whose families work in agriculture are targeted benefit from the offer. In accordance with this idea BFR offers an orchestra course called Berliku Lian. This free course, funded by the other activities of the BFR, gives young people the opportunity to broaden their horizons through musical education. They experience a personal development that would otherwise have remained unattainable to many. Several BFR students complete the courses with the desire to pass on their knowledge in their respective home villages.

The founders of the BFR are convinced that music has many subtle positive effects: it enhances creativity, improves social skills, strengthens self-esteem and promotes sustainable community cohesion. They want to promote critical thinking through music and develop alternative learning methods. In the long term, the goal of Kiera Zen, one of the founders of the BFR, is to establish a music academy, that in addition to music courses also offers classes in lighting and sound engineering. Furthermore, he plans to set up an agricultural center in order to strengthen the agriculture-dependent population of the country. The educational situation for children of farmers is to be improved by that, not least to stop the rural exodus.

The sustainable development of rural areas is thus promoted in a natural way and family farms can survive in the long term. The video of the Berliku Fanu Rai reports on the organization's ideas, visions and goals and gives an insight into the personal experiences of the students of the Berliku Lian Orchestra Program.

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