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Blickwechsel Philippines: Climate Justice needs Human Rights - Six years of reconstruction after Typhoon Yolanda

Student*innen verlangen Klimagerechtigkeit auf einer Protestveranstaltung von FESIFFA in Manila

The Philippines is one of the countries most affected by the climate crisis. Extreme weather situations threaten the livelihoods of the poorest population groups in particular. Six years after Super Typhoon Yolanda rocked the Philippines, reconstruction is characterized by numerous irregularities.

Astrud Lea Beringer's Blickwechsel discusses the increase in extreme weather situations in the Philippines and its consequences for marginalized segments of the population struggling to claim their land. Large companies have capitalized on the people's plight, including with government support. Exemplary of this is the situation on the island of Sicogon, where a real estate giant is trying to appropriate the entire island and threatening human rights.


This Blickwechsel is also available in German.



Astrud Lea Beringer studied International Development at the University of Vienna and lived for several years in Southeast Asia. She conducted research in the field of climate resilience in Thailand and supported the land rights movement in the Philippines through advocacy and public relation work. Beringer worked for the grassroot organization RIGHTS from 2018 to 2019 and closely monitored the human rights violations on Sicogon Island.

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