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Sanya Talk: Horst Fabian on Shrinking Spaces in China

This is essay has been elaborated based on a speech delivered in Sanya, Hainan, during the yearly workshop of the EU – China NGO Twinning Programme as board member of this programme and an international consultant to CANGO, an umbrella organization of Chinese NGOs. The main aim of this speech was to inform our Chinese civil society partners about the deep and ongoing concerns of the European NPOs. In addition to the speech this text includes arguments and a call for a future European debate how to respond to these and other Chinese challenges in a citizen diplomacy perspective.

Der Beitrag beruht auf einer Rede, die Fabian im Rahmen des jährlich stattfindenden Workshops im »EU – China NGO Twinning Programme« in Sanya, Hainan in China gehalten hat: »The openness and directness of the speech is due to the rather dramatic impact of this law and its challenge to European civil society partners.«

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