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About us

Stiftung Asienhaus raises awareness and supports causes of civil society organizations in Indonesia through information and advocacy work. We inform about human rights issues in public and address them at policy makers. In our network and activities, we co-operate regular with other organizations and groups that work in or on Indonesia.

We inform on current developments in Indonesia and give Indonesians civil society a voice in public discourse through our publications and events. We work on human rights, enviromental issues, ressources such as cement and sand, and have a focus on supporting and strengthening workers in the palm oil industry. 

We also organize film screenings and language courses in Cologne. 

Articles in English

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III met Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto, Jakarta Nov. 21, 2022 (Flickr/DoD photos by Chad J. McNeeley, CC BY 2.0 DEED)

Could Prabowo’s Presidency be a Menace to Speech and Media Freedom?

Guest commentary on Prabowo's tense relationship with the media and the possible consequences for his future presidency in Indonesia.

The Tonle Sap in Cambodia (whose flow direction changes twice a year) has strongly influenced the culture of the mainland and once helped the Kingdom of Angkor to achieve its greatness. Robin Eberhardt

Call for Papers südostasien (2/24): Water in Southeast Asia

How is the appreciation of water as a vital element expressed in cultural heritage? What conflicts arise from the scarcity of water and diverging…

Zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen (CSOs) mobilisieren während der COP26 in Glasgow 2021 © People Rising for Climate

Event report: Climate alarm in Southeast Asia

The webinar critically examined the challenges of civil society in a world dominated by economic interests. Learn more about the discussion and…


Bericht: Indonesia’s new Criminal Code – Impacts on Papua

Bericht über die erste Abendveranstaltung der neuen Reihe #TalkAboutPapua, bei der Menschenrechtsverteidiger Andreas Harsono zu Gast war.

© CC BY 2.0 DEED. Transparency International Indonesia

Call for Papers südostasien (1/24): Elections, Democracy and Human Rights

What impact does authoritarian rule have on elections and democracy? What role do technologies, especially social media, play before elections? Which…


Climate alarm in Southeast Asia: Decolonizing climate financing and supporting activists

Climate change mitigation and adaptation require resources; international funding is in high demand. Who is leading major climate projects and for…