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China Programme

About us

The China Programme regards itself as an innovation and knowledge platform for civil society dialogue with China. It is active in education, outreach and networking, as well as the implementation of dialogue programmes.

The aim of our work is to provide in-depth knowledge about China, its civil society and its changing role in the world. This is done in the context of an on-the-ground dialogue in China, cooperative knowledge creation together with Chinese civil society actors, a European China policy and a multilateral global climate policy.

The China Programme is linked to the foundation's guiding principle of "humanly just, socially just, environmentally just". It is committed to strengthening social and political participation and to protecting the environment. Its projects are intended to lead to the realisation of social, ecological and human rights standards in German/European-Chinese relations through politics and business.

Articles in English

China's Long March 2.0 – The Belt and Road Initiative as development model

Is the east wind defeating the west wind? Will China’s “New Silk Roads” initiative lead to greater prosperity and security worldwide? Or does this…


Report: AEPF12 - Open Space Workshop on China's Belt and Road Initiative

On September 30, our China-Program co-organized the AEPF 12 Open Space Workshop on China's Belt and Road Initiative, its impact on local communities…


Blickwechsel: China's Social Credit Score – Rating a people

The words “Social Credit System” have been ghosting through Western media ever since the Chinese government published its planning outline for…


Blickwechsel: Human Rights Due Diligence in Mineral Supply Chains

Smartphones, electric vehicles and wind turbines all have one thing in common: they cannot be manufactured without critical mineral resources which…


EU-China NGO Twinning Report 2017

The 2017 twinner exchange was a small anniversary: it was already the fifth round of the program. The report "2017 EU-China Twinning: Partnerships…


Press Release – 2018 EU-China NGO Twinning: Selection of 24 NGOs

Cologne – On 10th of May, a selection committee selected twelve European NGOs and their corresponding Chinese partners for the upcoming EU-China NGO…