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The Climate Crisis, Global China and Civil Society in Asia


The project aims to establish platforms for stakeholders from civil society, business, and politics to engage in discussions regarding the potential impact of Chinese foreign investments on the fight against the climate crisis in Asia. Over the next three years, we will facilitate the creation of transnational civil society initiatives aimed at addressing the climate crisis in Asia. We foster dialogue and collaboration among civil society actors from China, Nepal, and Indonesia to address climate-damaging effects of foreign investments, particularly from China. Our goal is a unified international approach for a sustainable reduction of climate consequences.


Two project objectives are derived from this: 1) Civil society organizations from China, Indonesia, and Nepal have collaborated on climate-damaging impacts of Chinese outbound investments with involved stakeholders. 2) Their cooperation results are received in global climate forums.

In this sense, the China Program would like to contribute to the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and possible climate partnerships with Chinese actors against the background of the EU-China Strategic Outlook of 2019. From a cross-sectional perspective, the project also touches upon SDGs 5, 7, 11, 13,16 and 17.


About the Logo

The Kiri tree's leaf symbolizes the Climate aspect of this project, as it possesses large leaves that efficiently absorb CO2 and exhibit rapid growth. It is commonly referred to as the "Climate tree." The logo also features the gordian knot the China-Program chose to represent the challenging task of fostering trilateral civil society dialogue across political systems. We seek to establish a framework that facilitates civil society dialogue within the context of Global China. The gordian knot consists of three loops, standing for Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.

Fieldwork Grants

The China Programme of Stiftung Asienhaus invite civil society organisations from Indonesia to conduct small scale fieldwork projects on foreign investments in the country with a focus on possible climate damages caused.

Fieldwork projects may include the following:

  • Short term field research
  • Community campaigns
  • Information publications
  • Stakeholder exchanges
  • Video and social media advocacy…

We are going to invite grantees to enter a dialogue on the impact the foreign investment projects have on climate change with trusted Chinese civil society representatives from Stiftung Asienhaus’s NGO network. There will be opportunities for digital capacity and network building for Chinese and Indonesian civil society organisations. Eventually, fieldwork project results will be published in a joint bilingual publication.

The Call for Application will start early summer 2023. If you are already interested in receiving more information please contact us at china-programm(at)asienhaus.de


The project is funded under the title “The Climate Crisis, Global China and Civil Society Advocacy in Asia", reference number N-ASL-2022-0263 by Bread for the World (November 2022 to October 2025).

Special thanks to Bread for the World for their generous support.