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About us

In solidarity with the people in Cambodia and in advocacy for a global and righteous world, we raise public awareness on the country and support Cambodian civil society.

Stiftung Asienhaus is engaged in educational work to create a comprehensive image of Cambodia among the German public. We are constantly in exchange with our partner organizations in Cambodia and giving them a voice in public discourse. We support their causes and address policy makers. We co-operate on these challenges together with our network in Germany.

Our activities include publications and events through which we address a broad audience in Germany. In our activities we also co-operate with various experts, scientists and activists.

Articles in English

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Hydropower Dams and Climate Change: Impacts on the Mekong River

Impacts of climate change and dams affect people and the environment along the Mekong River. An opinion piece by geographer Ian Baird.


Call for Papers - südostasien (2/23): Civil society climate movements in Southeast Asia

Who is engaging in climate activism? Which individuals, milieus, civil society groups are represented in or support climate movements? We are looking…

Infrastruktur steht schon seit langem im Fokus der Entwicklungshilfe. © CC BY-NC-ND 2.0/Ferry Octavian

Call for Papers südostasien (1/23): Development – for whom?

What is the role of civil society in planning and implementing development projects? What empowering approaches to development exist? How are they put…


Unpacking Cambodia’s sand industry: livelihoods, ecologies and development

Cambodia relies on a significant amount of sand, including sand for infrastructure needs and sand as wetland infill. Sand mining drives serious…


Cambodia’s National Internet Gateway – a pretext for shrinking digital rights?

The Sub-Decree on the Establishment of the National Internet Gateway has the potential to reshape the digital landscape in Cambodia. In an…


Cambodia: release the imprisoned environmental activists NOW!

Rainforest Rescue, Stiftung Asienhaus and FIAN are calling on Prime Minister Hun Sen to order the six members of the environmental group Mother Nature…